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45 Years of working experience with global clients.

We are a bulk material handling solutions provider who understands that efficient bulk material handling processing lines are essential for enhanced safety, cost-effectiveness, productivity and sustainability. We have proven experience in providing quality technologies to design, build and improve the efficiency of bulk solids handling facilities across the globe. With over four decades of experience in the dry bulk solids handling business, we are a reliable partner that develops turnkey projects based on our customers' specific project requirements.

  • Global Partner for Bulk Solids Handling Systems
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Some Industries We Serve

Food Industry

The food industry is one of the industries that continues to rapidly grow across the globe due to increased consumption. Bulk ...

Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is a major contributor to the global economy, producing and refining bulk materials which play an important role ...

Plastic Industry

The plastics industry is a massive and ever-growing part of our global economy. It renders numerous products ranging from food packaging ...

Cement and Minerals Industry

The cement industry is a major bulk material handling industry having an extensive range of applications. It is an extremely important ...

Product Flow Challenges & Solution

Product Flow Challemges solution

Material bridging, sometimes referred to as arching, occurs when a mass of dry bulk material accumulates within a storage container and takes up a shape of an arch above its outlet leaving nothing to empty.

Material ratholing occurs when the flow of the dry bulk solid takes place directly above the storage container’s outlet while the bulk solid that is not above the outlet stays in place, stuck to the sides of the storage container.

Material segregation occurs when the bulk material particles separate as a result of differences in their size, shape or density during handling.

Material mass flow occurs when dry bulk solids freely flow from an upstream container vessel through its outlet without the formation of an arch, ratholing or segregation.

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