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Browse through some of the frequently asked questions and answers related to bin activators.

A bin activator is a device with a tapered conical geometry that facilitates bulk material flow from hoppers or silos by induced vibrations.

With the help of a vibratory motor, a bin activator describes a gyratory motion which is transmitted to the bulk material inside the container vessel during operation. This results in smooth material flow through the bin activator into a receiving unit.

The three main flow problems that can be encountered when discharging dry bulk materials from container vessels e.g., silos are bridging also known as arching, ratholing and segregation. Read more

Several factors contribute to causing product flow problems from containers. The causes of product flow problems from silos and other container vessels can be categorized into three; bulk material properties, vessel design and external conditions.

The key to avoiding product flow challenges is to evaluate the properties of the product and engineer the right bulk material equipment.
With long years of experience in the bulk material handling industry, Polimak provides the most ideal bulk material handling technologies for its customer. Our bin activators help prevent material bridging and ratholing as well as minimize particle segregation whilst promoting material mass flow.

A bin activator is a transfer point in a material handling process line used to facilitate smooth bulk material flow from containers such as silos, bins or hoppers to downstream devices. It is used to help prevent product bridging, ratholing, segregation and incomplete emptying.

Absolutely yes. If you have a single upstream device and wish to feed your bulk material to multiple receiving units using a bin activator, you can integrate a bin activator with multiple outlets.

We provide different types of bin activators for a variety of industries. Several factors influence which bin activator one can choose. Our experts can help you choose a bin activator appropriate for your specific application.

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