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Abrasive indicates how rough or gritty the material is. Knowing how abrasive the material is, helps understand its wear influence on a piece of equipment.


Arching is a term used to describe a cohesive arch that occurs above a container’s outlet when particles bond together due to various factors such as particle shape, temperature, moisture etc. Arching is also referred to as bridging


ATEX is a European Union directive for protection against explosive atmospheres. It encompasses protective equipment and systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. ATEX simple stand for atmosphères explosibles.

Baffle plate

A baffle plate is rigidly installed to the body of a bin activator. It eases the weight of the bulk material from the lower portion of the activator cone and pushes the material to all areas adjacent to the cone’s walls.


Bridging is a word that describes a cohesive arch noticed above the outlet of a container vessel when bulk material particulates bond together due to various factors like particulate shape, temperature, moisture etc. Bridging is also known as arching.

Bulk material

Bulk materials incorporate materials that are dry, powdery, or pelleted in nature such as sugar, flour, sodium sulphate, cement, corn or plastic pellets. Bulk materials are also referred to as dry bulk solids or simply bulk solids.


Flowability is a term used for material flow. It indicates how well dry bulk materials flow.


Ratholing is a term that is used to describe a funnel flow pattern in which some material above the outlet of a container flows while the rest remains stationary.


Segregation is a term used to describe particulate separation by virtue of differences in physical properties such as size, shape and other properties of the product.

Inlet skirt

The inlet skirt acts as a shield and renders added protection for the sleeve seal. The skirt’s upper portion may be attached to the outlet of an upstream device and dangles down through the inlet of the bin activator.


Suspensions are sometimes referred to as dampers. Suspensions or dampers ensure that the generated vibrations only agitate the activator cone rather than an upstream device.

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